Quality in parking

Q-Park stands for ‘Quality in parking’. This fundamental choice for quality forms the core of economic value and our corporate social responsibility. With our parking facilities and associated services for our parking customers, Q-Park wants to be an integral part of the mobility chain and of making freedom of movement more sustainable.

Regulated- and paid parking, preferably in clean and safe parking facilities, offers an answer to the current and future challenges posed by the urban environment. It is on these topics that we initiate dialogue with local authorities and other stakeholders.

Our vision on paid parking implies that we not only add financial value for our shareholders and employees; with our activities, we also add societal value for a multitude of stakeholders. We focus on the areas where we and our stakeholders believe we can have the biggest impact. These are underpinned by our values and behaviours.


Q-Park values


Q-Park enhances quality of life by providing clean and safe parking facilities, based on the pillars of convenience, reliability and hospitality.


Q-Park recognises that our goals can be met only with the dedicated input of committed, well-trained and well-managed employees who share our passion for quality and customer service. We invest heavily in induction training and the continuous development of our people.

There is no such thing as free parking

The user or the local authority pays for the facilities which are essential to an attractive, accessible and viable city. Parking is not an end in itself, it is the shops, cafés and restaurants, culture, nightlife, centres of education and good hospitals that attract people. They want to park their car near to their final destination, and they are prepared to pay for this service.

Some cities are developing into magnets, others, where activity is decreasing, are lagging behind. They are considering or have already implemented free parking, and therefore granting a subsidy, but this is not a sustainable solution.

Core activities

One million motorists use our parking facilities every day. With the cash flows we generate from this, we can continue to invest in future-focused parking solutions that add value for our partners and customers.

We identify two groups of customers: motorists who come to park, and commercial partners that offer parking as part of their own service offering, such as theatres, shopping centres, universities or hospitals.


A large proportion of our revenue consists of single parking transactions, our short-term parking customers. About one fifth comes from multiple parking transactions, our season ticket holders.

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Our parking services mainly consist of providing parking spaces in purpose built parking facilities or in off-street car parks. This can be pay-on-exit parking behind barriers, or pay for parking by means of Pay & Display parking tickets or by means of a parking service app. We also offer customers the opportunity to pre-book a parking space, through our own website.


In addition, we offer services such as monitoring compliance to parking regulations applicable on the street and on private property. For partners, we are happy to manage their parking facility, and because of our scale of operations, we can do this efficiently and effectively.


Customers can pay by cash or card. Parking space pre-bookings and season tickets can be purchased and paid for online. For all other management services we send an invoice, which the customer pays in accordance with the contract terms. Naturally, our payment options expand according to the needs of our various customer groups.

Cashless phone

Parking convenience is also a key aspect of the recently implemented contactless identification techniques and contactless payment options installed in various combinations in purpose-built and off-street car parks. Contactless is now becoming the standard for our customers.


We maintain and optimise our parking management systems (PMS) so we can serve the market based on changing customer demands. ICT enables our customers to access our parking facilities using various access devices, such as a QR code (printed or on a smart phone), a number plate or payment card (with chip). Digitising access devices enables us to reduce the lead-time for confirming pre-bookings and issuing season tickets. It also reduces the costs of producing, distributing and maintaining tangible devices.

Big data

Big data helps us to proactively serve our customers and partners. We capture and analyse big data. This enables us to search, share, and integrate our data which we use for predictive analysis, gaining insights in business trends and to support our investment decisions.

Through our business intelligence tool, the country organisations have access to practical reports which help define our optimised parking tariff strategies per location and city. This tool also provides real-time insights and historic perspectives on a range of activities and transactions and helps us make smart business decisions at all levels of the organisation.

Parking Management Systems (PMS) vision

Our PMS Vision 2020 is all about being future-proof and flexible. In order to create value and optimise returns, our processes must be as efficient as possible in both the front-and back-office.

  • Our PMS infrastructure which includes CCTV and intercom as well as speed gates, shutters, and cable work supports our operational business processes and is considered to be our PMS front-office.
  • Our back-office operations run on a profound digital infrastructure which seamlessly integrates with our front-office (and our websites) for partners and customers to interact with us. For example to find parking solutions online, order a season ticket, or pre-book a parking space.
Core activities

Core activities